Literacy competence is a necessary foundation for building a child’s academic success. Beginning in infancy, the development of communication, language, and literacy skills plays an important part in a child’s success in school. This is true for all children, including a child with deafblindness.

Ohio’s vision is for all learners to acquire the knowledge and skills to become proficient readers.

The Ohio Department of Education and its partners view language and literacy acquisition and achievement as foundational knowledge that supports student success. To increase learners’ language and literacy achievement, the Department is urging districts and schools to use evidence-based systems and high-quality instruction, select high-quality instructional materials and employ culturally responsive practices (Ohio’s Plan to Raise Literacy Achievement, 2020).

Developing language, communication, and literacy skills for children with deafblindness presents challenges due to each child’s unique vision and hearing loss. Specialized instruction is needed to support children with deafblindness in the development of communication, language, and literacy skills.

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