As a child transitions from early childhood services to a school-age program, a child’s school district of residence is responsible for the provision of special education services to children identified with a disability. A parent’s active participation in the development of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) for a child identified with a disability becomes of paramount importance. There are numerous resources and organizations, including state-level resources from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), Office for Exceptional Children (OEC), available to increase a parent’s knowledge and understanding of the identification of a child with a disability, the development of the IEP, and special education requirements.

“A Guide to Parent Rights in Special Education”

Provides parents with information related to educational records, dispute resolution, discipline, unilateral placement of children with disabilities by parents in a private school at public expense, and parent notification of scholarship programs for students with disabilities.

Ohio Operating Standards for the Education of Children with Disabilities

Provides information regarding a free appropriate public education (FAPE), definitions, evaluations, identification, development of an IEP delivery of services, and discipline.

Special Education in Ohio

Provides Ohio Department of Education information on special education, requirements, programs, and resources, preschool through high school.

If you suspect your school-age child may have a vision and/or hearing loss

If you suspect your child may have a vision and/or hearing loss, the Decision Tree: Risk Factors and Behavior Suggesting Possible Vision and/or Hearing Concerns in Young and School-Age Children and the web-based Hearing Loss and Vision Impairment Assessments may help guide decision-making to determine the next steps for an individual child. Click here to access the Decision Tree; click here to access the web-based Hearing Loss and Vision Impairment Assessments. Both of these assessments provide information based upon the abilities of your child.

OCDBE Services for School-Age Children with Deafblindness

The Ohio Center for Deafblind Education provides services and supports to the parents and families of young children with a combined vision-hearing loss (deafblindness) who are registered on the Ohio Deafblind Census. Services provided by OCDBE include information on deafblindness, resources, consultation, webinars, scholarships for conference attendance, and consultation for families and service providers through the Deafblind Technical Assistant Program. 

Additional OCDBE Resources and Information

Parents Guide for the Identification of Children with Deafblindness

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Educators Guide for the Identification of Students with Deafblindness

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Literacy Guide: Building a Literacy Foundation for Children with Combined Hearing-Vision Loss

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Postsecondary Transition Manual for Students Who are Deafblind

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Postsecondary Transition Consultation Services

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This IS Communication! Modules

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Ohio Deafblind Census


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