Exploring the SETT Framework in Designing Individualized Interventions for Children with Dual Sensory Impairments and/or Low Incidence Disabilities

Location: Virtual
Speaker: Melinda Wolford PhD, NCSP
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Session description: This professional learning session provides a framework for collaborative data gathering for each child. Our focus will be on identifying the child’s strengths, needs, preferences, and desired expectations. The SETT Framework is a flexible tool that makes concerns, identification, and solution-seeking processes accessible to all. It is a tool that is useful in all phases of decision-making and service delivery for children with vision-hearing loss and/or multiple disabilities.

Speakers: Melinda Wolford, PhD, NCSP is an experienced school psychologist and neuropsychologist. She previously served as an assistant professor in school psychology and has expertise in assessment, intervention, parent training, staff development, and consultation.

Learning Objective: We will learn about frameworks that will guide us to:

  • Collaborative investigations of the child’s functional areas of concern, individual needs, strengths and abilities, and desired expectations.
  • Areas (environments) in which the child is expected to live, learn, and grow.
  • Consider the functional tasks involved in communication, instruction, participation, productivity, and environments.
  • Determine what is needed to enable the child to lead to high levels of participation and achievement.




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Sep 14 2023


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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