Students who are Deafblind with Other Complicating Conditions Can Be SELF-DETERMINED!

Dates: February 28
Speakers: Kathee Scoggin
Location: Virtual
No Cost
1½ Contact Hour

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Program description: One very important concept when working with students who are d eaf b lind is “Do With, Not For This is the key to providing a path to self determination. Without self determination it will be impossible to truly know what the student thinks, wants, and doesn’t want in life. This truly motivates the student at home, school and in the community. Videos will be used during the presentation to clarify specific points.

Guest speaker: Kathee Scoggin is a sought-after trainer on topics relating to children with multiple disabilities including students with combined vision and hearing loss, both in Washington and nationally. Kathee has 40+ years of experience as a teacher, assessment specialist, principal, and educational consultant with children (birth to 21) with combined vision and hearing loss including deafblindness. Kathee also was a team leader in the NCDB OHOA modules: The Sensory System, Availability for Learning, Intervener Strategies, and Use of Touch. She holds a BA in Deaf Education and an MEd in Special Education with an emphasis on vision disabilities and complex medical conditions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the components of self determination and how these components need to be adapted for the individual student
  • Identify three major points of providing active learning opportunities
  • Collect a list of resources that will demonstrate through videos, articles, and photos how to adapt these components and success stories; and
  • Complete an action plan for implementing self-determination with a student who is deafblind



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Feb 28 2024


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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