Yearly, OCDBE sponsors a weekend Parent Retreat for parents of children with deafblindness, birth through 21 years who are registered on the Ohio Deafblind Census. The retreat, which offers parents a weekend of respite, is designed to provide parents with opportunities to network with other parents of children with deafblindness, learn new information about deafblindness, and develop skills for working with their children.
The Parent Retreat includes a speaker with expertise with deafblindness and/or individuals with disabilities based upon topics suggested by parents. Previous retreats included guest speakers who shared topical information on deafblindness, how to develop an IEP, behavior, instructional strategies, future planning for the transition of children from early intervention to school-age and high school to adulthood.
Parent attendance at the Parent Retreat is supported through stipends intended to offset childcare and related costs. Overnight lodging, meals, and meeting materials are provided at no cost to parents.

2023 Parent Retreat

The 2023 Parent Retreat is scheduled for April 21-April 23, 2023. More information will be available in January, 2023.

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Annual OCDBE Parent Retreat


April 26-April 28, 2024


Deer Creek State Park Lodge


Kimberly Christensen


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